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Mughal daughter 28, 5.2, BBA+ MS, Resident Askri 11 Lahore

Demand open MBA BBA MS MSc Son 28-32 on job and house


Jutt daughter 29, 5.5, M.phil Islamic thought & civilization, Resident Bahria Lahore

Demand only Jutt MS BS M.Phil Son 29-35, on job and house


Jutt daughter 26, 5.2, MBBS+ gynecologist, Govt job Resident Narowal

Demand only Jutt Son Dr Engr Son 26-30 on job and house


Gujjar daughter 30, 5.3, BS H education, Resident Governor house Lahore

Demand only Gujjar MS BS Son on job and house


Arian daughter 30, 5.0, BA , Resident Rawalpindi

Demand open MA BA Son 30-35 on job and house


Awan daughter 36, 5.2, B.Com, Resident Johar Town Lahore

Demand open MA BA Son 36-40 on Job and house


Awan daughter 31, 5.4, B.Com IT , Resident opp General hospital LHR

Demand open MA MSc BS Son 31-35 on job and house


Awan daughter 32, 5.6, M.Phil Economics, Resident Islamabad

Demand open MA MSc Son 32-37 on job and house .

Mughal divorced daughter 47, 5.6, FA Resident DHA Lahore

Demand open MA BA Male 48-52 on job

Awan daughter 30, 5.3, MS Chemistry, Job in Nust, Resident Rawalpindi

Demand Awan, Syed, Master Son 30-35 on job and house

83 classified

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